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Survey of Warsaw School of Economics' campus.

This survey is now complete. Responses were collected from January 17 till February 5, 2011.

photo © Marek Ostrowski, all rights reserved

Progress of the survey.

This survey has been sent 1376 times, out of which 1368 answers were verified as credible and will be processed further. Among the people surveyed so far were 1118 WSE students, 185 employees, 6 foreign exchange students and 59 guests.

łącznie licencjaci magistranci doktoranci podyplomowi inni
studenci 1118 655 420 42 0 1
łącznie wykładowcy naukowi administracja pozostali
pracownicy 185 115 15 54 1
goście 59
st. zagraniczni 6
łącznie 1368

You can browse through received surveys (although most are in Polish). Findings, however, are available only in Polish, mostly because there wasn't much interest among exchange students to begin with, sorry.